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AGF is designed for the disruptive and existential challenges of the 21st Century. If aviation, defence, and space exploits are to address climate priorities, harness digitization, marshal advanced automation and material science, in strained supply chains with resource and skill shortages, collaboration with a broad spectrum of interests is critical.

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Our Mission

We have always had a pioneering spirit that creates global change. Now more than ever, we need to harness this pioneering spirit and come together to drive action and its strategic importance to all the sectors of the economy. 

Given the far-reaching nature of the climate challenge, cross-sector collaboration is necessary to achieve deep, long-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and accelerate progress towards a net zero future. The aerospace industry plays a vital role in the global decarbonisation transformation.

Our History

The world-class Farnborough International Airshow has been providing an unrivalled biennial global platform for businesses from across the world of aerospace and defence for many years, to share their story, exchange knowledge and develop vital commercial relationships.

Businesses of all sizes, from industry leaders and military delegations to start-ups and SMEs, convene at the Airshow as an opportunity to showcase the technologies and create the partnerships that will shape innovation in the aerospace and defence sector for decades to come.

We marked 2022 as the pinnacle for the industry to come together to reconnect, innovate, and collaborate to drive positive change that will shape a better future for aerospace and our planet, using AGF as the platform to tackle important topics and collaborate on an elevated level.

Our Vision

Aerospace Global Forum at Farnborough provided the springboard for a suite of spin-off forums in aviation communities around the world,. We created a business ecosystem that stretches beyond a single moment in time and catalyses change, in multiple fields: together. We are working with our industry and partners to create thought leadership opportunities, develop actionable insights, and harness our collective power to accelerate positive change, using AGF 2022 as the spark. Follow the conversation and gain insights from the 2022 event with the on-demand access via the Virtual Pass.

Themes of the Forum

Redefining our world for the better through an aerospace lens


Now more than ever, the impact of climate change and the need for action to safeguard the future of our planet is one of the burning issues at the heart of the aerospace industry. As world leaders and industry heads continue to discuss the actions necessary to work towards a more sustainable future for aviation, AGF 2022 will shine a light on the latest innovations, insight and debates that are driving the conversation forward.

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Future Flight

As the race to develop new technology accelerates, there is no question that our skies will soon be transformed as the future of transportation takes to the air. AGF 2022 will provide a global platform to discuss forces redefining and revolutionising the aerospace sector from those pioneers making Advanced Air Mobility a reality, to the vital technological advancements being made in R&D and manufacturing.

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With the emerging threats the defense companies should emphasize building improved capabilities in fighter aircraft, space resilience, shipbuilding, and cyber-security to drive growth. AGF 2022 will play a vital role in bringing defence companies together with the strategic decision makers behind military delegations.

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Future workforce

AGF 2022 will explore the latest technologies revolutionising the automation of the sector and meet with the industry leaders seeking to fill the gaps in the modern workforce. It will provide an expanded platform for industry to share their insight into the future of the aerospace workforce from the development of AI to developing new career paths as the sector forges new directions.

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AGF 2022 will provide a global platform to discuss the developments that will set the agenda for industry in the years ahead, discuss the challenges that will shape the direction of the sector and debate the best course of action for some of the biggest questions facing the aerospace industry.

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As the world beyond our skies becomes more accessible to businesses around the world, the increasing commercialisation of space, the development of new international spaceport infrastructure and the ever-moving boundaries of what is possible in the sector will all be explored at AGF 2022.

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Financing Future

The financial sector must learn how to evaluate green investment opportunities and assess climate-related and social risks affecting the aerospace industry. AGF 2022 will bring together finance, governments, climate experts, start-ups, OEMs and their supply chains, to share, debate and energise investments in sustainable aerospace innovators.

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Accelerating real change by bringing transformative sectors together with unified purpose


Now more than ever, we need to prioritise the health of our planet. Join the conversation to accelerate action on climate change in aerospace, defence, technology, energy and finance. It’s only together, we can do this. Buy your virtual pass to access all content from AGF 2022 on-demand.

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